Rochy SS24 - Boys Multi Coloured Shorts & Shirt Set

€43,95 €82,95
By Rochy

Dress your little gentleman in style with the Boys White Smart Shorts and Matching Multi-Coloured Striped Short-Sleeved Shirt by Rochy for SS24. This charming ensemble showcases Rochy's commitment to sophisticated and fashionable children's wear.

The smart white shorts add a touch of elegance, providing a versatile and classic base for the outfit. Paired with the multi-coloured striped short-sleeved shirt, your young man will exude a playful yet polished look. Rochy's signature attention to detail is evident in the vibrant and eye-catching stripes, making this outfit perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

Rochy, a renowned Spanish brand, consistently delivers high-quality garments, ensuring comfort and durability for your little one. The combination of the crisp white shorts and the lively striped shirt creates a stylish and timeless look that will make your boy stand out.