How Much Do Designer Kids Clothing Cost?

It is no secret that designer children’s clothing is typically synonymous with “expensive”, which can be off-putting enough for working families on a budget. Add to that how fast kids grow out of their clothes and then purchasing fancy threads becomes completely dismissed from consideration by many. Mariposa Children's Boutique thinks all kids deserve to look great in stylish, durable clothes and has made it our mission to make designer children’s clothing accessible to everyone. This spring and summer, let your children’s style bloom in an array of colours and forms created by our Spanish and European designers. And, don’t miss our designer children’s clothing sale happening to get some extra value in stocking your little one’s wardrobe with affordable, high-end fashion.

Spring/Summer 2022

Our Spring/Summer 22 collection has arrived and it’s full of sleepwear, play clothes, dresses, accessories, and more in styles so beautiful that Nature herself would envy at this time of year. And where you could pay hundreds of pounds for designer children’s clothing this year at many department stores in the UK, Mariposa Children’s Boutique has them at the same haute couture quality at a fraction of the cost of those designer websites. 

Take our Yellow Floral Print Puffball Dress & Headpiece, for example. This beautiful dress and included headpiece come from one of Spain’s finest designer children’s clothing designers, Meriche Alta Costura, whose collections are renowned for their elegant, finely shaped, colourful prints that take inspiration from the vibrancy of Spring itself. Available in sizes from 3-year-olds to 12, this outfit is only £109.99 - practically a steal when you compare it to the same quality and style you could get from a luxury retailer. And, as with most of our designer children’s clothing, our online boutique allows you the option of making weekly interest-free payments.

Baby boys won’t be safe from adoration and attention, either, with our Spring/Summer 22 collection. This vintage-inspired Beige & Cream Boys Set has the functionality of outdoor play clothes with the charm of a Victorian novel, which will no doubt inspire you both to make this season one full of adventure and imagination. Created by DBB Collection - whose leaders had produced textiles for some of the world’s leading fashion houses beforehand -  this set utilises 100% Spanish design and grace. Available at only £39.99, it’s a wonder that any of our competitors are still in business!