The Hottest Coat around for AW20 - Haute Couture Children's Wear

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So we are lucky enough to work with one of the hottest brands from Spain Meriche Alta Costura. This brand never fails to bring out the most amazing collections of beautiful puffball dresses, headpieces and coats.  One of our biggest sellers this year for AW20 ( and yes we are only in July ) is the Rusia coat available in camel, red, pink, cream & navy.  This is a 2 in 1 coat with detachable faux fur hooded cape and is just simply stunning!  A stand out in the crowd coat for any little Princess starting from 12 months and going up to age 12 years.  Currently we have payment plans available for all Meriche AW20 pre-orders for 16 weeks with a deposit of 10% using partial.ly at checkout www.mariposachildrensboutique.com.   

Meriche sizing is quite good compared to some Spanish designers that can come up small fitting.  Check out our collections online for Haute Couture Children's Wear at affordable prices and fall in love with Meriche Alta Costura. 

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